Self-Care Planner - Printable

This 56-page pdf download has several lists, calendars, and sheets to help you focus on your short and long term self-care goals.



This is a Self-Care Planner that you can use to help you think about the areas in your life that you need a little more TLC for nourishment. This 56-page pdf download has several lists, calendars, and sheets to help you focus on your short and long term self-care goals.

It’s been especially useful to me as it’s helped provide reminders to self-care, even in the smallest of ways. It reminds me that self-care is a healthy living value I want to uphold to the max. Speaking of values, I provide a number of pages dedicated to all the different values you might have and how to put them into actionable steps.

I also created 2 pages with more than 100 different Self-Care ideas under the 4 domains: Boring Self-Care; Soothing Self-Care; Self-Care Boundaries; Self-Care to Honor Yourself. While for some people, self-care might mean vacations, and bubble baths, this offers 100 non-traditional self-care ideas, like going to doctor appointments, saying No to overcommitting, and different ways to honor yourself and your spirit. This list can help you identify all the reasons why you might be feeling a little burned out and in serious need of a solid self-care plan.

This planner and pages also serve as a coloring activity. I added several black and white floral images where you can add color to your pages. You will notice that some of the pages also have gray writing. Those are intended for you to trace and color as well. You can even frame them!

::In this 56 page Digital download you will find:

1. Title Page
2. My Self-Care Plan (Year)
3. My Top 3 Self-Care Goals
4. New Year Self- Care Goals (Jan – Feb)
5. Spring Self-Care Goals (Mar – Apr)
6. Pre-Summer Self-Care Goals (May – Jun)
7. Summer Self-Care Goals (July – Aug)
8. Fall Self-Care Goals (Sep – Oct)
9. Holiday Self-Care Goals (Nov – Dec)
10 – 11. Monthly Calendar Layout (Sun – Sat)
12. Monthly Calendar with To Do list
13 – 14. Self-Care Ideas by Domain
15. Reflection Page
16. Self-Care in each area of life (8 areas)
17. Monthly Start and End Self-Care Goals Sheet
18. Compassion Coloring Page: I am worthy
19. Coloring Page: Sunflowers
20. Coloring Page: Face with Flower Crown
21. Mindfulness Coloring Page: Breathe Flower Wreath
22. Coping Coloring Page: Ground Flower Wreath
23. Compassion Coloring Page: “I can say No and still be a good person
24. Boundary Coloring Page: I’m busy Self-Caring
25. Compassion Tracing Page: Sana, Sana (Words are gray, flowers are in color)
26. Compassion Coloring Page: There, there
27. Compassion Tracing Page: This is Temporary (Words are gray, flowers are in color)
28. Mindfulness Coloring Page: Just notice
29. Compassion Coloring Page: Compassion starts with me (Words are gray, flowers are in color)
30. Compassion Coloring Page: I can learn from my mistakes (Words are gray, flowers are in color)
31. Mindfulness Coloring Page: I can honor my emotions by just noticing them
32. Self-Care Coloring Page: Fill up your cup with your essentials
33. Coloring Page: Resilient like a cactus flower
34. Self-Care Monthlies with habit tracker
35. Week at a Glance
36. Gratitude
37. Compassionate Phrases List
38. To-Do list
39. To-Say list
40. Favorite ways to replenish list
41. Behaviors to increase list
42. Behaviors to decrease list
43. Password Tracker
44. Values list part 1
45. Values list part 2
46. My life according to my values
47. Turning values into actions
48. Breaking your goals down part 1
49. Breaking your goals down part 2
50. Breaking your values down
51. Record your achievements
52. Budgeting as self-care
53. My monthly budget review
54. Bill Payment Tracker (Jan – Jun)
55. Bill Payment Tracker (Jul – Dec)
56. My Bucket List


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