Buy Nothing Coping Coloring Book

This is a self-help supplement with different ideas on how to use your Buy Nothing (or any gifted) items to ground yourself, find joy, and make life a little easier for you. It’s also kiddo friendly and safe for the whole family.

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During the pandemic, I became active in my local Buy Nothing Group. The purpose of the Buy Nothing movement is to build community through trusting in the collective’s abundance and willingness to help a neighbor out by way of gifting items, services, advice, etc. Our Buy Nothing Group in Long Beach is one of the best ones! It’s a place full of positivity and generosity. Recently, one of our co-admins (a fellow social worker) reached out to a few of us in mental health to assist with the community’s coping with the one year anniversary of COVID-19 pandemic.

This was my contribution and way of giving back to the community that helped me in so many ways. I got a bike for my little one, some games, and lots of gardening advice. Check out this free Buy Nothing Coping Guide and check out the website which tells you so much more about the movement and spirit of community. Below are some of the pages, but you can access the guide for free with no strings attached.

It’s kiddo and adult friendly. Ask a fellow neighbor to help you print it or if they have extra color pencils. This coping guide will help you think about the different things you have in your house to help you slow down and cope with your stress.




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