Bilingual Dia de los Muertos y Altar Worksheet



Sometimes children have a difficult time expressing what they feel, especially as it relates to grief and loss. Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a happy celebration in many Latin American countries where loved ones honor their deceased loved ones, their muertos and memorialize them by telling stories about them, eating their favorite foods, and creating an altar or ofrenda for them with their favorite items.

These worksheets allow children (and  the entire family) to write, draw, and color in memory of their beloved muertos. Family members can model to their kids that there it is normal to miss someone terribly and celebrate them at the same time.

Family members can honor their loved ones by engaging in traditions, recalling their muertos’ lives, and finding emotional closeness to their ancestors.

The pages are bilingual, Spanish and English so that your little ones can practice both languages as well. Feel free to print several copies of these (although these are personal use only and the content or images should not be copied or sold in any way) for the family to fill out together. You might find that after completing these pages, you are ready to create an ofrenda/altar in your own home after having discussed all the contents. Or feel free to add these pages to your existing ofrenda/altar.

As a bonus, I’ve added Fall Gratitude Pages.


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