Women and Boundaries Coloring Book

The "Women and Boundaries Coloring Book and Journal" is dedicated to all the women of the world who give so much of themselves to others around them. This coloring book reinforces and gives ideas on how to set appropriate boundaries.

The “Women and Boundaries Coloring Book and Journal” is dedicated to all the women of the world (in particular, women of color) who give so much of themselves to others around them. This coloring book reinforces and gives ideas on how to set appropriate boundaries. As a result, it will give you the words to use and practical tips on how to prepare to effectively set those limit and boundaries. It is out and available on Amazon now (*affiliate link).

I was inspired to write this book, and have it triple as a coloring book and journal because I was having the same conversations about limits and boundaries over and over again. Many times those conversations were with myself! I was having these conversations prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and it became glaring painful and clear during, that as women, and especially Women of Color, we do so much. Too much. I had trouble setting my own limits. I felt like a fraud teaching my clients and daughter about this, when I myself, was having a hard time. So I wrote this book, for myself. It was a combo of things I’ve said, things I wished I said, and things I was going to say when setting limits. It helped me garnish the courage and bravery to put myself first and take much needed stances in my life.

In this book you will find:

25 coloring pages of women (mandala style) with advice or boundary/limit setting quotes.

Alternating dotted note page after each coloring page in case of bleeding or note taking.

7 women coloring pages with courage cards to help remind you of the boundary quote.

7 Courage Card samples, 7 Blank Courage Cards for you to fill out and cut out if needed.

11 Journal prompts to get you thinking about boundaries, what barriers show up, and how to plan for how you will be setting limits in the future. There are also some prompts related to self-care and coping practices to get you through tough limit setting events.

6 Framed Coloring pages with boundary/limit setting quote.

**Feel free to tag @mendingrootsshop on Instagram when you color your pages or come up with courage statements. We are all the motivation we need.

Great for:

  • Women and girls dedicated to setting boundaries
  • Holiday Gifts
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Introduction to boundary setting
  • Building resilience and internal resources
  • Boundary Goal Setting
  • Students
  • School counselors/therapists
  • Recovering from illness, burnout, or injury
  • Introduction to Journaling
  • Girlfriend gifts
  • Mental Health Gifts that inspire healing
  • Self-Care
  • Graduation gifts
  • Therapy companion

Coloring Book Size: 8×10

Total: Pages: 60

May you all sit in stillness so you can listen to your amazing body asking for rest, joy, and care. May you be empowered by the high of peaceful rest to set the necessary boundaries in your life.



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