Self-Care Planner

Everyone’s talking about self-care and I couldn’t be happier. “Self-Care” being mainstreamed into popular culture and social media, and not just as a bubble bath and a facial (although, those sound really nice right now). Self-care means simply to replenish by taking care of your body. As a mental health professional, I see self-care as vital to not only our existence, but ability to get through the day (and life) without having to be completely exhausted. Self-Care is also about engaging in healthy habits that lead to our overall wellness (think medical appointments, exercise, taking vitamins or prescribed medications, resting when we’re tired, preventative care).

With that being said, I also take an unconventional approach to discussing self-care. About a year ago, I created a list of 100 self-care ideas under four different domains.

  1. Soothing Self-Care – focused on practices that help you ground your body and reduce stress response).
  2. Boring Self-Care – focused on medical appointments, taking medications, cleaning, budgeting, paying bills on time — all the boring, but necessary things you need to do to have peace/wellness in the long run.
  3. Boundary Self-Care – focused on preserving your energy by setting limits on what is being asked of you, for the overdoer, or for people who are pulled in several different directions. Lastly,
  4. Self-Care to Honor You – focuses on you doing things that nurture your soul like forgiving yourself, practicing self-compassion, listening to your inner wisdom, trusting yourself, etc.

Being helping professional requires an obscene amount of self-care to prevent burnout, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. It made me realize that 1) I had to increase my self-care astronomically, 2) I had to add it to my planner, and 3) I had to actually do it! That’s when I decided to make Self-Care Intentions a part of my weekly and monthly staff meetings, along with creating practical worksheets for people to plan and hold themselves accountable. My clients and I love them.

I kicked it up a notch and created this 56-page Self-Care Planner that you can be printed out. Adult coloring is hobby that has helped me tremendously with staying present and nurturing my creativity and need for color. That’s why I implemented it throughout this Self-Care Planner with different floral elements that you can color. Also, my love for cursive writing inspired some pages where you can trace and color the compassion/self-care themed pages. You can even frame them or just print them out over and over again when you need to say them to yourself the most.

You can find The Self-Care Planner Digital Download on the Etsy MendingRootsShop through here.

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