Breathing Butterflies: A Kid’s Breathing and Mindfulness Guide

The “Breathing Butterflies: A Kid’s Guide to Breathing & Being Mindful like a Butterfly” is a children’s coloring book with messages and exercises as an introduction to breathing and mindfulness. It is out and available on Amazon now (*affiliate link). We also have the Spanish Edition “Respirando Como Mariposas” available here and below.

With so much going on with the Corona Virus pandemic and racial trauma, as a parent to a 6 year old, I was finding it hard to stay present and finding healthy ways of coping. And when I’m stressed, so is my little one. Our stress and anxiety is transmitted to our kids and the rest of our household. It inspired me to create a simple to use tool that would engage kids in coloring (using those finger muscles) while receiving messages about breathing and being present my using our “noticing” muscle.

Introducing kids to breathing and mindfulness practice

Breathing and mindfulness practice can help children with manage challenging situations and emotions. Simply noticing is a hallmark of mindfulness and the message is woven throughout the book. This coloring book engages children in coloring butterfly pictures and images with short and simple messages about breathing and mindfulness, how to do it, its benefits, and as a tool to be present, focus, and ultimately, assist in soothing.

Additionally, there are alternating semi-blank notes pages to prevent marker bleed through, with space to add stickers, drawing or anything other writing. At the end of the book there are 11 full length journal pages with sentence stems for journaling and handwriting practice (with traceable font) story sheet paper with space for drawing.

**Special deal: For therapists or teachers who reach out to me with proof of purchase (screenshot of book or social media post about it) at I will send you a coupon code so you can download the pdf of the book for free. This way, you can print easy and clean copies. No need to take the book to the copy machine.** You can also tag @mendingrootsshop on Instagram and send me a DM there with your email address and I will send you the coupon code.

Great for:

  • Homeschooling
  • Elementary School Students
  • Anyone who likes Butterflies
  • School counselors/therapists
  • Teachers who focus on emotional intelligence
  • Learning to write (some tracing words)
  • Introduction to Journaling for children
  • Introduction to Breathing and Mindfulness Practice for children.
  • Coping Tools
  • Affirmations for kids
  • Early intervention

Coloring Book Size: 8×10

Total: Pages: 60

I hope you and your littles one love it as much as I do.

May you and your loved ones be well and free from harm.


Color and Breathing Practice
Color and Breathing Practice.
Introduction to Journaling
Introduction to Mindfulness and the practice of “Noticing”

I hope you and your little ones love it as much as I do.

May you and your loved ones be well, safe and free from harm.


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*Affiliate Disclosure: I am a member of the Amazon Affiliate program and earn a commission on all linked items to Amazon.

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